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The Amplifeye System $175.00
Your New Regimen for Beautiful Lashes and Brows Begins Today! Amplifeye Lash & Brows Supplement represents a breakthrough in targeted nutrition for lashes and brows. This advanced daily supplement regimen helps to nourish and strengthen from within, providing key nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrient-rich botanical extracts.   Used as  a system, the products support lash and brow health holistically-from the inside  and outside- both sharing natural botanical ingredients such as green tea,saw palmetto,borage, ginseng, evening primrose and rosemary.
  1. Targets all 3 phases of the hair growth cycle with key nutrients, B   vitamins,and minerals.
  2. Omega-rich formula conditions and protects lashes and brows
  3. Enhances circulation for effective delivery and absorption of concentrated ingredients
  4. Contains no gluten, soy,salt, sugar, yeast,wheat, nuts, milk, egg, artificial colors or preservatives.
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